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Mobile Smiles On-Site dental clinics allows dental care to be easier than ever. We provide safe, state-of-the-art oral care across South Florida. Its easy. You schedule an appointment, we come to your office, and you take advantage of all your dental insurance benefits. Its that simple!

Home base for all your dental needs

At Mobile Smiles, we provide all your dental services, from routine dental check-up and cleanings to dental emergencies right outside your door.

Healthier Employees Happier Life

Patients can take advantage of their dental benefits, while avoiding the use of their PTO (paid-time-off). Saves everyone time and money!

How We Roll

Schedule your appointment and our Doctors will come to you! 


“Book Now”
online or call us directly. 

On-Site during working hours 8AM-6PM (Mon-Sat)


Next, dentist will arrive on-site on the date of your appointment,  Don’t worry, will handle your insurance prior to appointment. 


Day of the appointment

Sit Back and Relax

Our dental team arrives to your workplace and patients get the dental care they deserve. Its that SIMPLE!


Mobile Smiles On-Site Dental offers high quality dental care with all the convenience.

Our Floss-ophy

Mobile Smiles believes everyone should have something to smile about!  So we decided to redefine oral health in and bring the dentist to you, in a more convenient way, while providing state of the art dentistry. Going to the dentist just got easier and even fun. Its simple, really. No drive time. No wait time. No added cost.



Employers Who Chose Us

MIA Airport Staff Deals- 15% Off

Drop us a line to request on-site dentistry located inside the airport.

Interested in learning more?

Drop us a line to request on-site dentistry to your workplace.

People we see have not been to the dentist in over two years.
0 %
People we see have cavities.
0 /10
Hours of school or work are lost each year from visiting the dentist.
0 Million

Benefits of Using Mobile Smile

Saves Everyone Time

Employees and their family members don't have to take half a day off of work to go see the dentist. That means more time with family doing the things they love.

Additional Amenity

By making it convenient to see a dentist, we enable your employees to actually use their oral health care benefit's. This is an incredible amenity to offer that your valued employees will love!

Save Money

Our service is usually no added cost to the employee or patient, we simply bill the insurance they already have!

Easy to Setup

It is super easy to set up an appointment. You pick a date we are available and our dental team will take care of the rest!